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Greenest In Flames and the Inn of the Last Home and...

Because of the nature of the campaign, the PCs begin in the small city of Newtown. Grennest in Flames from the Hoard of the Dragon Queen is combined with the Dungeon Magazine adventure "A Hot Day in L'Trel".

The map for Newtown is L'Trel, changed to in inland city on a river, rather than a coastal city.

Keep much of the background of L'Trel, but twist it to fit the new scenario.The wizard with the alchemical liquid in a storage tank explodes when the attacking dragonarmy ignites it, creating an explosion of far greater magnitude than the invaders expected - but still contributing to the chaos of the attack which is designed to gain treasure for the queen and to kidnap Leosin Erlanthar (this kidnapping may or may not happen off stage).

Finally, I added the three families from Specularum in "The Veiled Society" (B6), the Radu family and the Veiled Society being members of the Dragon Cult.

From Hoard:
Keep the first section pretty much intact - add the keep to the L'Trel Map - governor Nighthill - change to Petty King Drummond ard Gallien (called "The False King" by his detractors).
Missions: the "keep oriented" missions (Old Tunnel, Sally Port, Dragon Attack, Prisoners) can be more or less used as is. The "Save the Mill" motivation needs to be changed (since the whole city is on fire at this point) - maybe a peek at a Draconian and they are sent to investigate what this new creature is... or prisoners are being tormented or executed in a square in front of the mill - regardless, the desire is to lure the PCs to the mill - and the location must be close to the Keep.
 "Sanctuary" can be at any of the temples (which are changed in this campaign to temples which venerate saints).

From L'Trel:
Use the events in "Confusion and Catastrophe" as random encounters, keep most of the locations. Add locations from Hoard. Add "Inn of the Last Home" from DL1.

Newtown - modified map of  L'Trel
From DL1:
Begin with the events (up to the march of the dragonarmies, perahps). Introduce Goldmoon (name change) as an NPC. Side quest to the ruins of Xak Tsaroth to retrieve the Discs of Mishakal, a "book" that gives information about dragons and immortals in the realms. Use some of the locations to fill out the wilderness area. Don't introduce Draconians until after they are sprung on the PCs in the city somehow - though the Fewmaster Toede encounter can be inserted even on the PCs journey toward Newtown.

Dwarven mine/outpost which is the source of the oily substance (Dwarves of Warka, Dungeon #16 - remove the electrum dragons and replace with a pool of earthsblood - a tie in with I12, Egg of the Phoenix if desired- I'll be placing Empyrea - with a different name - to the West of the Highlands - there's a potential link to the slavers in I12, too - though it's more of a red herring).

Long Term Possibilities:
Slavers begin plying their trade in Newtown within days. Can tie in a thread to the Slavers series (A0-4), with the slavers kindapping people to deliver to the dragonarmies.

One of the possible results from the attack and fire is plague. Could adapt "Goblin Fever" from Dungeon 46 for this.

Random Encounters:
In Newtown - merge Hoard and L'Trel
Wilderness - merge Hoard and DL1 and B10, Night's Dark Terror

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